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      Vitamite Race On is a pressure cooked, wet steam extruded, highly digestible racing feed manufactured from premium quality rice extract.

Using the latest technology in equine feed formulation for racing horses, Vitamite Race On provides high levels of longer lasting energy in a form that is easy on the horse's digestive system, avoiding the problems often associated with high grain, high starch feeds.

Using Rice Bran Oil, Vitamite Race On supplies over 17 Mega Joules of energy per kg, significantly higher than oats and corn on a dipper for dipper basis. This, coupled with a level of digestibility of over 90% in the horse's small intestine, makes Vitamite Race On an obvious choice for the astute trainer.

Vitamite Race On has been formulated with a scientifically balanced range of vitamins and minerals, including added B complex vitamins and vitamin E, so important for muscle function in the equine athlete




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