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      Our Old Friends later years create special needs......
We all want our horses and ponies to lead happy, healthy and active  lives  well  into  their  later  years.  As  our  horses age,  their  digestive  systems  may  be  unable  to  cope  with  the  demands  placed  on  them  by  hard  to  digest, raw  grain  feeds.

A New generation of Nutrition
Vitamite Golden Oldies is especially formulated to meet the needs of aged horses and ponies. Incorporating the benefits of premium rice extract, a source of low GI energy in a highly digestible form, Vitamite Golden Oldies contains increased levels of many of the nutrients required by older horses including Vitamins E and C, selenium, oils high in Omega 3, extra calcium, phosphorous and high quality protein.
For horses suffering from teeth problems, Vitamite Golden Oldies can be softened to an easily chewable, delicious mash.

Low Glycemic Index (GI) Formulation
Horses with intolerance to gluten become more intolerant with increasing age, so a gluten-free diet may help to minimize deterioration in digestive efficiency in these cases.

High Oil Formulation
Our unique steam extrusion process, as well as increasing digestibility in the small intestine to over 90%, allows us to include a high level of rice bran oil, (170mls/kg) providing safe, cool longer lasting energy to help your aged friends when they need it the most.

Contains DYNAVYTE:  Naturally fermented vitamins and trace minerals extracted from kelp and humates.
Dynavyte is a new and innovative nutritional supplement created by the natural fermentation of plant and soil materials and provides over 60 chelated minerals and vitamins, all in a highly bioavailable form, just as plants made them originally.  Dynavyte also contains unique organic phytocomplexes derived from fertile soils called humates.  Dynavyte helps maintain healthy gut microflora and helps to improve appetite and digestion, especially in confined horses unable to access grazing on perfect pastures



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