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Vitamite Power-On is a highly digestible, steam extruded, concentrated rice extract suitable for adding to all equine diets to provide high levels of cool energy to assist with conditioning and topline. The high levels of Rice Bran Oil (18% - 180mls/kg) provide a cool energy source in an easily digestible form. Simply add 500g-2kg of Vitamite Equi-Power  to  the  daily  diet  for  optimum results.

Vitamin  E
Vitamite Power-On contains increased levels of Vitamin E to assist with muscle function, important  for horses  in  hard  work.

Ferulic  Acid
Vitamite Power-On is manufactured from premium quality rice concentrate, which contains Ferulic Acid, a natural anti-oxidant. Anti-Oxidants play an important role in the protection of cell membranes from damage that  may  occur  during  strenuous  exercise.

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